About Us


Micro Medical Products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable surgical drapes in South Africa. We manufacture a vast range of products, including many different consulting room drapes, surgical equipment drapes and surgical patient drapes.

Having been in the market for over 20 years, we are proud to be the largest local manufacturer of surgical draping solutions in the country.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Durban, however we have offices in Johannesberg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

Our products can be found in hospitals throughout South Africa, and we are also now regularly distributing stock into other Sub Saharan African countries as well.

Micro Medical Products believes in creating and supporting local employment. We recognise the invaluable contribution that experienced and knowledgeable employees make to our company, and take pride in the fact that many of our staff members have been with us for over 10 years.

Our core values include excellence, integrity and respect for people.



At Micro Medical Products, we place an emphasis on continual product enhancement and welcome the input of our customers regarding our products.

We have developed a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs by working closely with the end users of our products. We know that surgical techniques and requirements change over time, which is why our ability to custom design products ensures that our product portfolio is continuously evolving to suit the needs and requirements of all our customers. As a result, our products are user-friendly and practical, while still remaining cost-effective.



Emergencies are inevitable in the medical industry, which is why we have made sure that our manufacturing facility is able to cater for urgent orders.

By manufacturing every one of our products locally we have full control over stock levels and pricing.

We use our extensive knowledge of the market to ensure that stock is readily available for our customers, and our team is committed to going “the extra mile” when our customers need us the most.



Our guiding code of conduct is that we’re ‘Here to Help’.

From helping procurement teams identify the correct products, to equipping our sales staff for quality in-service training, or simply to be the supplier that you can always rely on; Micromed is committed to helping our customers in every way we can.

We believe in producing cost effective, quality products that our customers can trust to perform in every situation.