Consulting Room Drapes


Specialist surgical drapes for consulting room theatre

Micro Medical Products provide single-use MICROMED surgical drape sets. Our drape sets can be used for many different procedures done in consulting rooms, including:

  • dental implant surgery;
  • small dental procedures;
  • radio frequency ablations (RFA’s); and
  • liposuction

We are able to make up customized MICROMED drape sets according to doctor preferences that also meet their consulting room needs.


MICROMED specialist surgical drapes are designed and constructed to achieve 5 main objectives:

  1. The assurance of aseptic procedures
  2. Ease of application to ensure efficient and aseptic draping
  3. Convenience and functionality for the surgical team
  4. Patient comfort and protection from bacteria
  5. A total draping solution


Sterilization Process:


MICROMED disposable drapes are sterilised by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant Gamma Irradiation sterilisation plants. This is the preferred method of ensuring sterility of surgical products.



Full range of disposable single-use patient drapes for all disciplines, including general surgery, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, obstetrics & gynaecology, neuro surgery, cardiac, urology, ophthalmic, ENT and maxillo facial surgery. Find out more


Disposable single-use drapes for operating theatre equipment, including trolleys, mayo stands, cameras, C-Arms, drills and operating microscopes. Clear draping instructions are included in our packaging. Find out more


1433843369059“We believe in producing high quality, cost effective products that our customers can trust to perform in every surgical procedure”

South Africas leading brand of locally manufactured disposable surgical drapes.Leading healthcare facilities and medical specialists trust MICROMED drapes to create a sterile operating field in hospital theatres and consulting room procedures.…Find out more

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