Micro Medical Products locally manufacture a range of disposable, single-use surgical drapes known as MICROMED. Our tried and trusted products have been used extensively by private and government hospitals, clinics and in consulting theatre rooms for over 20 years. Our range consists of three types of disposable drapes, including Surgical Patient Drapes, Surgical Equipment Drapes and Consulting Room Drapes. Products are sterilized through Gamma Irradiation, the preferred method of sterization.

Why choose MICROMED disposable surgical drapes?

  • Locally manufactured
  • Readily available stock
  • Continuous product development
  • Quick delivery
  • Used by major hospital groups and clinics


Surgical Patient drapes

Range includes drapes for surgical procedures relating to general surgery, orthopaedic, plastic surgery, obsetrics & gynaecology, neuro surgery, cardiac, urology, ophthalmic, ENT and maxillo facial surgery.

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Surgical Equipment drapes

Range includes disposable drapes for trolleys, mayo stands, cameras, C-Arms, cameras, drills and operating microscopes for Zeiss, Leica and Moeller-Wiedell. Products come with clear draping instructions.

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Consulting Room Drapes

Offer a range of disposal surgical drape packs suitable for use in consulting room theatre procedures as they provide a sterile environment. Used by general, vascular, maxillofacial surgeons and dentists.

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